Club Rules and Membership Conditions

Membership Conditions

  1. Male + female couple, both over 18 years old, can become a club member.
  2. Single woman, over 18 years old, can become a club member.
  3. Single males cannot become club members.
  4. Club membership is for a specified period of one year only.
  5. Club members are bound by club rules and management instructions.

Club Rules

  1. All attendees must adhere to good behaviour.
  2. Tolerance is a must due to specific club activities.
  3. Club visitors must be 100% healty (no STD’s). Please consider if you want to visit the club if you have a cold or flu.
  4. All sexual activities are voluntary and after mutual agreement of all participants. No one can force somebody into something!
  5. No means no. It does not mean maybe or even yes.
  6. Use a condom! There are free to use in all the rooms. If you stay with your partner, it's up to you, of course, but with other couples you always should use one.
  7. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs or somebody who would trouble other guests by appearance, behaviour or expression cannot enter the premises. If you will reach such a state during a party, you will be asked to leave and you will not be permitted in the club in the future. (Of course we do not mind little alcohol fun).
  8. It is forbidden to take photos or film in the club. Please limit the mobile phone usage to necessary minimum only.
  9. Accept privacy of others if they need it. Please be discreet about other guests and actions on the parties.
  10. Paid companions in place of a real partner and women "as an entrance ticket" (without interest in the party's activities) are not welcome in the club and such a "couple" can be asked to leave.
  11. Smoking is only permitted in the main room.
  12. You enter the club at your own risk. Please be careful in the showers and when exiting the pool.
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