First time?

We prepared this part of the site especially for you, who have never been to a swingers party and who have a lot of questions and doubts.

We prepared this part of the site especially for you, who have never been to a swingers party and who have a lot of questions and doubts.

We showed you our surroundings in the Gallery section. Now we will try to answer your Frequently Asked Questions. You can find more information about swinging in general in the section About Swinging.

Who goes to swingers parties?

You have heard a lot of rumours about swinging. Sometimes whispered, sometimes shocking, but reality is not that hot. Visitors of these parties are normal people like you and you can find blue as well as white collar and management employees. Swingers club has a significant advantage: all differences are removed and everybody is considered “equal”.

Do not expect any “classification”. There are couples that like to watch or being watched, without exchanging partners. There are others that come to exchange partners and even others like everything that can be considered as swinging. Some couples find the best “swinging” model after several visits. There is not only sex in swinging, but mainly friendship and fun. And friendship with other couples is why guests come back. Sometimes the evening is so much fun that there is even no sex at all.

And the guests’ age? Generally we can say that mostly middle aged people come to the party. But because the age groups vary from party to party, we will offer you no comparison chart :-). And we have no age limits – any couple that feels like visiting can come.

Why should we come?

That depends only on you. Maybe because you are reading these pages :-). But seriously. Talk openly with your partner why you would like to come and what you are expecting:

  1. You want to enrich your sexual experience and learn something new? – right
  2. You want to enjoy lovemaking next to other people. - right
  3. You want to learn about lovemaking with other couple (couples). - right
  4. I just want to come to the club and I have to have a girl with me, otherwise they will not let me in. - wrong
  5. I want to go to the club and you will come with me, even if you do not want, if you love me. - wrong
  6. I want to make love to others, but you can make love only to me! - wrong

Our main advice is: Agree to some boundaries! Not only if you will make love only to each other today, or to somebody else, but have a gesture, a word ready… that can be used as an enough sign. You will avoid misunderstanding and unhappy endings.

If one of you does not want to come, do not try to talk him / her into it, force him / her or negotiate. The decision to come to our club must be based on both you agreeing to it.

On the other side, do not fear the decision as something that will change your life or turn it upside down :-).

Consider the following before visiting our club:

  1. Are you or your partner jealous? This emotion does not belong to a swingers party. Trust us that not even promises can erase jealousy. Jealousy can ruin not only your evening experience, but can cause us to ask you to leave the club.
  2. Have you been “talked to it”? Your partner annoyed you for so long until you agreed. Usually under heavy promises what you will get if you agree. Such a behaviour is not correct from your partner and therefore do not budge from your decision.
  3. Do you think that swinging will mend your breaking relationship? Unfortunatly no. Swingers parties are for couples that are sure with their relationship and want to enrich it with something new.

And now some of your swingers party nightmares:

They will jump on us right after the door closes, tear away our clothes and god knows what else!

Definitely not. You do not have to fear that you will be attacked by a horde of sex crazed couples that will not consider you wanting to have a look around.

Quite on the contrary, we will ask you if your are here for the first time and give you a tour of the club, show you all the rooms and answer your questions. Then you will sit in the main room, have a drink and you can watch as other couples come, talk to others, go dancing or enjoy the pool… you will let the relaxing atmosphere get to you and then you will decide whether and how to participate on the action in the rooms or if you just let them inspire you for your future games… Nobody will undress you at all, if you want, you can change into underwear… but otherwise the dress is completely up to you.

Nobody will care about us, because we are here for the first time!

It’s just the opposite to the first case. That is not true, either. You will not sit forgotten in a corner and others will pull snotty faces, because nobody knows you. If you want, we can introduce to other couples that visit us more often. They would love to talk to you and at the end you will learn that swinging is not only about sex, but mostly about fun.

Since we go to a swingers party, WE HAVE TO make love to everybody!

You don’t have to, but you can. Nobody will discriminate you if you just want to be with your partner. It’s even one of our club rules. Just making love with other couples present is so exciting!

We heard there is a multitude of “peeping toms” in these clubs…

Do you imagine making love being surrounded by watching and commenting men? You are wrong. Single man cannot enter (again it’s one of our club rules), not even if they paid us hefty amounts of money.

On the other hand there are couples that enjoy watching another couple making love. But not to make your situation difficult and disturb you, but because they find it really exciting.

If we meet our neighbours or even somebody from the office, we will die of shame!

You will be quite surprised at the first site (and your friends even more) and you will want to just slip out. Quite on the contrary – do the opposite. Say hello and you will see that despite the initial shock everything is all right. You don’t have to start talking about your sexual fantasies up front, but it is true that you are here for the same purpose and trying to avoid or pretend that you do not see each other would not help you enjoying yourself.

Hmm… STD’s?

There are condoms in all the rooms for your convenience. Of course it’s up to you to agree with your potential partner, but we really insist – use them.

The question of hygiene?

Couple of words about our hygiene… we will not describe here how we tidy the club after each party, we would like to mention a different aspect that you will not encounter in another club. And these are beds, or mattresses to be precise. These mattresses are not similar to those you have in your bed at home, but they are covered with imitation leather that prevents from unpleasant surprises, such as dried stains of former guests when you pull away the linen. Unfortunately such a hygienic measure is not standard in the Czech republic clubs, but in our opinion it is a necessity.

What should we wear?

You can wear whatever you like. We have no special rules concerning the dress code, nor when to take your clothes off. Though, we would appreciate you considering a fact that you are visiting a decent club with erotic atmosphere. The couples arrive dressed as usual and most of them stay that way, until they decide visiting our playrooms and then they leave their clothes in a locker. Thanks to the freedom we give to our guests concerning the dress code, more and more of them change into something more sexy and erotic immediately after their arrival. Visiting our club is also a great opportunity for wearing your favorite lingerie somewhere else than just in your bedroom.

Private club – that must be expensive!

Entrance fee prices can be found in the section Club Program.

 And our drinks? For example: white / red wine, 0,2l CZK 60. Spirits CZK 70 - 90, non-alcoholic 0,3l CZK 40 - 45...

Our prices match other private clubs and us trying to retain a certain level of quality.

We hope we succeeded in answering all your questions and overcome all the emerging untrue rumours (you know, the storyteller just experiences the 10 minutes of fame).

Nothing prevents you from your D day. Take a deep breath and let’s start! And when you are sitting in our club, your heart racing and you will start thinking you should not have come, know that everyone had their first party. Even us. And we stayed :-).

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Petra and Michael

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