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...it was, is and will be...

When did it start?

A better question would be when the people started thinking about sex not only with their partner, but together with others. From this viewpoint swinging has been here for centuries – let’s have a look on well-known Rome orgies. Nobody considered it unusual, rather the orgies were a certain symbol of success and power. We can read all this in the history chronicles. The tables were turned when religion started. Christianity drew a thick line and left all sexual behind. It started a cult of sacred marriage, faithfulness and a single partner for life. We can find little records on our sex-crazy predecessors, because they succeeded in holding these activities in secret. No wonder, when a poem could cause a scandal, everybody knew what would happen to those engaged in “activities”. However, a phenomenon that haunts the society even today was created – sex is something forbidden, something that has to be done in secret, never to talk about it and mainly – a missionary position is the only one normal and anything else is abnormal – deviant.

Welcome 20th century!

Whatever your viewpoint, mankind succeeded in replicating through sex and our relationship towards sex slightly shifted. We saw an enormous increase in eroticisim and pornography here after 1989. And also the swinging – there have been personals with “More than 1+1” in the magazines. Yes, it still is a slightly fringe topic, but these personals looking for “male or female family friend” are proving that interest in multiple partners sex is still increasing. Whilst our German neighbours are happily swinging in their first swinger club ever (Maihof club – formerly Rhein-Party – established in 1979), the parties here are still in private houses or flats. People were trying to open clubs in the Czech Republic in the second half of 90’s. Some are still open (like Zlicin club in Prague 5), some have closed down. Gradually with some marketing the swinging lifestyle gained people’s interest and media started to react. First comments from sexuologists appeared. So have other clubs – Dlouhopolsko, Ceske Budejovice, Brno… We will have to wait for the swinger clubs to reach numbers and concentration like they have in Germany, but we can state that we succeeded in “starting and running the home-made automobile for a few miles :-).”

Why swinging?

The term swinger comes from the US. If you search Webster’s, you will find:a) a lively up-to-date person who indulges in what is considered fashionableb) one who engages freely in sexTherefore we can find that swingers are non-conservative and indulge in new things, like to experiment and are not bound by superstitions.

So who are swingers?

We have the general characteristics. People not afraid to talk about their wishes with others and are able to openly acknowledge their hobbies. They have nothing to be ashamed of. They realize they do not endanger their partnership by visiting swingers parties and do not consider it to be unfaithfulness. The word unfaithful is not even heard between them. Sometimes beautiful friendships are born in the clubs. Visiting swingers clubs abroad is more than just “let’s have fun tonight”. It is a perfectly normal and legitimate spending of free time, nobody considers the sentence “We’re going swinging tonight” as unusual. Clubs have a significant advantage for swingers – they meet people with the same interest, there is no “would you like joint sex” questioning. They don’t have to worry about being heard when having sex (oh those thin walls), they don’t have to worry about anything: everything is ready – drinks and food, fun as various erotic games are played as well as interesting lovemaking surroundings – each club tries to impress with something their guests cannot find at home – large bed, swings, pool or sensual SM lovemaking…

What’s next?

We hope that you will reach a level when the word swingers will not impose uncomfortable silence or rumours like “Oh, I heard stories…”, but will become an often used erotic word. We hope more clubs will be created, because that means more knowledge and competition will push the quality of service. And we are hoping that you will find “swinging” enjoyable


Petra a Michael

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