Visiting our club

All our swingers parties are for registered club members only. If you have not filled your registration yet, you can do so HERE.

Which days can we come?

EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY - from 9 pm to 4:00 am

Entrance to the club is possible between 9-11pm

WEDNESDAY DURING THE DAY - every fortnight during day from 11am to 6 pm.

Entrance time is possible between 11 am – 1 pm


Please contact us to get the address of our club.The club is situated in Prague 8 and can be reached by car or taxi (about 12 minutes from the city centre) or public transport (about 20 minutes from the city centre). We offer you free secure parking on our premises.

Member's fee for couple

Friday CZK 1100 CZK

Saturday CZK 1100

Wednesday CZK 1000

Price allways includes welcome drink, buffet food and all hygienic accessories

We don't accept credit cards. Payment in EURO is possible

Single woman

Free entrance

Single men

They can not enter the club (see Club rules)


Reservations are recommended only for these three parties – Club birthday, Garden party and New year´s party (here the reservation is necessary). On every other party you can come without reservation.

If you want to take a taxi

We advice you this two taxi-company: CITY TAXI call nr. +420257257257 or AAA Taxi call +42014014. Both company speak english and we use them too. Don´t take taxi direct from the street - or you pay lot´s of money for nothing :-(.

Are you regularly in Prague? Ask for our Member card!

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